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Drumavoley Road Silver Linings Walk

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

A short drive to Breen wood (5 minutes from the studio) and you start what we call the "Drumavoley Road Silver Linings walk".

This Sunday the 19th July myself and two good friends took the walk from the entrance to Breen wood to Rathlin Sound Studio. I measured the walk as 5 miles in total although those of you with fitbits may argue more. I wanted to do this walk as part of my friends Cancer Focus fund raising appeal and also to spend some time with good friends - who I've missed so much since Lockdown. We began the walk with a loop of the wood before heading out across Glenshesk road towards Drumavoley road. We stopped for a cuppa at Ballycastle forest and took in the views. The forestry have recently cleared some trees and we found the most outstanding views of Rathlin Sound, Fairhead and Rathlin island. From here we descended down to and along the rest of Drumavoley and finished with a glass or two or Pimms on the deck. It took us 4 hours in total (including the Pimms at the end:)) Well worth the time.

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